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Links for 2018-11-20

  • Some notes about HTTP/3

    Robert Graham from ErrataSec on QUIC aka HTTP/3: ‘Google (pbuh) has both the most popular web browser (Chrome) and the two most popular websites (#1 #2 Therefore, they are in control of future web protocol development.’ Faster connection setup and latency; better bandwidth negotiation when using multiplexing; user-mode stacks by building on UDP and using recvmmsg(); and better mobile support for roaming IPs.

    (tags: google http3 quic protocols ip)

  • Traditional Chinese medicine origins: Mao invented it but didn’t believe in it

    Mikulski and the rest of the Senate may be surprised to learn that they were repeating 60-year-old justifications of Chinese medicine put forward by Chairman Mao. Unlike Mikulski, however, Mao was under no illusion that Chinese medicine—a key component of naturopathic education—actually worked. In The Private Life of Chairman Mao, Li Zhisui, one of Mao’s personal physicians, recounts a conversation they had on the subject. Trained as an M.D. in Western medicine, Li admitted to being baffled by ancient Chinese medical books, especially their theories relating to the five elements. It turns out his employer also found them implausible. 
    via Dr. Jen Gunter

    (tags: medicine tcm mao history china health naturopathy)