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Links for 2018-11-26

  • Linkerd 2.0

    The 2.0 release of Linkerd brings two very significant changes. First, we’ve completely rewritten Linkerd to be orders of magnitude faster and smaller than Linkerd 1.x. Linkerd 2.0’s data plane is comprised of ultralight Rust proxies which consume around 10mb of RSS and have a p99 latency of <1ms. Linkerd’s minimalist control plane (written in Go) is similarly designed for speed and low resource footprint. Second, with the 2.0 release, Linkerd moves beyond the service mesh model to be something not more, but less: Linkerd 2.0 at its core is a service sidecar, running on a single service without requiring cluster-wide installation. This means that if you’re a developer or service owner who doesn’t have access to the whole Kubernetes cluster, you can run Linkerd on your service and get: Instant Grafana dashboards of your service’s success rates, latencies, and throughput; A topology graph of incoming and outgoing dependencies; A live view of requests being made to your service; Improved, latency-aware load balancing; … and much more.

    (tags: linkerd mesh networking services architecture sidecars)