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Links for 2018-12-05

  • Rudy Giuliani doesn’t understand how links work

    As waxy noted: ‘this might be funny if he wasn’t Trump’s cybersecurity advisor’.

    Twitter allowed someone to invade my text with a disgusting anti-President message. The same thing-period no space-occurred later and it didn’t happen. Don’t tell me they are not committed cardcarrying anti-Trumpers. Time Magazine also may fit that description. FAIRNESS PLEASE
    Giuliani composed a tweet with no spaces after full stops, and a broken regexp at Twitter auto-linkified “G-20.In”. An internet prankster registered this domain and Giuliani lost his shit in a spectacular display of incompetence. The best bit? Here’s a thread with the original devs: — ‘Hey @tw and @bcherry, remember all the debates we had about the linkifying regex around edge cases like this?’ (via Waxy and pretty much everyone on twitter)

    (tags: edge-cases bugs twitter regexps regular-expressions links urls us-politics trump rudy-giuliani security funny)

  • 3D models by DH_Age Sheela-na-Gig3D Project (@DH_Age) – Sketchfab

    These are fantastic — 3D scans of Sheela-na-Gig carvings around Ireland from 3D Sheela, an Irish based research initiative ‘focusing on the digital documentation and analysis of Ireland’s Sheela-na-Gig catalogue’ (NSFW)

    (tags: 3d sheela-na-gigs history carving nsfw models photogrammetry)

  • Chester Beatty Digital Collections

    ‘Explore online access to our remarkable treasures, through this searchable database of digitised artworks and manuscripts’, from the Chester Beatty museum’s collection. Licensing isn’t fully open though — ‘Images and PDF’s are provided for personal research and scholarship.’

    (tags: chester-beatty museums history archaeology artifacts art manuscripts)

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