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Links for 2019-03-06

  • National Climate Assessment: How to deal with despair over climate change – Vox

    The dominant narrative around climate change tells us that it’s our fault. We left the lights on too long, didn’t close the refrigerator door, and didn’t recycle our paper. I’m here to tell you that is bullshit. … Don’t give in to that shame. It’s not yours. The oil and gas industry is gaslighting you. That same IPCC report revealed that a mere 100 companies are responsible for 71 percent of global climate emissions. These people are locking you and everything you love into a tomb. You have every right to be pissed all the way off. And we have to make them hear about it.

    (tags: climate climate-change anger capitalism ipcc fossil-fuels future)

  • camelcamelcamel, a free Amazon price tracker

    ‘Our free Amazon price tracker monitors millions of products and alerts you when prices drop, helping you decide when to buy.’ Supports, handily

    (tags: amazon shopping deals buying money)

  • Why do remote meetings suck so much?

    Unstructured, “caucus”-style meetings suck particularly badly for remote workers.

    When audio/visual delays exacerbate the caucus problem for people who always get the floor in meetings, it looks to them like a new problem. It’s not new; it’s just normally experienced by people in meetings with lower caucus scores. Leadership doesn’t notice because people in leadership positions tend to have higher caucus scores, and being in a position of leadership also tends to boost your caucus score (basically because people interrupt you less). But that’s a weakness of the way we identify decision-makers: good ideas come from everywhere, and especially from people who do a lot of thinking and observing before they say anything. Making meetings more accessible to remote employees doesn’t just make meetings more accessible to remote employees; it makes meetings more accessible to everyone. 

    (tags: team meetings remote communication management caucus-score remote-work)

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