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Links for 2019-05-14

  • nearly every site running ads has an /ads.txt

    Pinboard on Twitter:

    ‘I just learned that nearly every site running ads has a standardized ads.txt file that helpfully shows you how badly it murders your privacy. The file is a whitelist of all authorized resellers for programmatic advertising. For example, ‘

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  • The one man behind all those slick, glossy, anti-abortion posters

    If you were wondering where all those huge, glossy high-quality posters of foetuses came from during the abortion referendum campaign in Ireland last year: ‘Graphic pictures of aborted fetuses, prayer vigils and protesters. It’s no coincidence that the anti-abortion movement looks the same from London to Dublin to Warsaw. It’s mostly Gregg Cunningham. The California-based activist has been farming out his imagery and strategies to like-minded groups in Europe for more than five years.’ ‘if you see an abortion protester with one of those big, disturbing, graphic images, that says “CHOICE?” Or “ABORTION IS MURDER”, that’s Gregg Cunningham’s work, and that’s not a protest, that’s advertising.’ It’s a business. He sells this worldwide. He’s also a climate change denier, naturally. There’s even a ‘Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform’, mirroring the Irish operation. So now you know why right-wingers accuse lefties of being ‘paid protesters’ — it’s because that’s what _they_ do. Of course, this tactic backfired dramatically in Ireland — we don’t like being told what to think by paternalistic, patronising, colonialist foreign influences these days….

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