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Links for 2019-06-17

  • Show HN: Enviro+ for Raspberry Pi – Environmental sensors

    HN thread and linked Pimoroni gadget. UKP45 for a nice environmental sensor board

    (tags: electronics iot projects sensors environment raspberry-pi gadgets)

  • The Surprising Reason that There Are So Many Thai Restaurants in America – VICE

    Turns out the Thai government has taken a leaf from Guinness’ book:

    The Ministry of Commerce’s Department of Export Promotion [..] drew up prototypes for three different “master restaurants,” which investors could choose as a sort of prefabricated restaurant plan, from aesthetic to menu offerings. Elephant Jump would be the fast casual option, at $5 to $15 per person; Cool Basil would be the mid-priced option at $15 to $25 a head; and the Golden Leaf prototype would cost diners $25 to $30, with décor featuring “authentic Thai fabrics and objets d’art.” (Does your favorite Thai spot have objets d’art? The restaurant may have been built from a government prototype.)
    (Guinness do exactly the same thing for Irish pubs worldwide.)

    (tags: cuisine culture food government marketing thai thailand guinness restaurants franchising)

  • Growing a moss garden

    aren’t these lovely

    (tags: gardening home plants moss gardens thread twitter)

  • gaul/undocumented-s3-apis

    Undocumented Amazon S3 APIs and third-party extensions: GET object by multipart number; AWS Java SDK partNumber; Multipart Upload ETag. (via Last Week in AWS)

    (tags: via:lwia s3 undocumented hacks aws apis)

  • Why women leave academia and why universities should be worried

    I couldn’t agree more with this, having seen it happen first-hand:

    The participants in the study identify many characteristics of academic careers that they find unappealing: the constant hunt for funding for research projects is a significant impediment for both men and women. But women in greater numbers than men see academic careers as all-consuming, solitary and as unnecessarily competitive. Both men and women PhD candidates come to realise that a string of post-docs is part of a career path, and they see that this can require frequent moves and a lack of security about future employment. Women are more negatively affected than men by the competitiveness in this stage of an academic career and their concerns about competitiveness are fuelled, they say, by a relative lack of self-confidence. Women more than men see great sacrifice as a prerequisite for success in academia. This comes in part from their perception of women who have succeeded, from the nature of the available role models. Successful female professors are perceived by female PhD candidates as displaying masculine characteristics, such as aggression and competitiveness, and they were often childless. As if all this were not enough, women PhD candidates had one experience that men never have. They were told that they would encounter problems along the way simply because they are women. They are told, in other words, that their gender will work against them. […] Universities will not survive as research institutions unless university leadership realises that the working conditions they offer dramatically reduce the size of the pool from which they recruit. We will not survive because we have no reason to believe we are attracting the best and the brightest. When industry is the more attractive employer, our credibility as the home of long-term, cutting edge, high-risk, profoundly creative research, is diminished.
    (via Aoife McLysaght)

    (tags: women life university third-level careers research via:aoifemcl)

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