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Links for 2019-06-27

  • Moving From Apache Thrift to gRPC: A Perspective From Alluxio

    Good advice here:

    Thrift served well as a fast and reliable RPC framework powering the metadata operations in Alluxio 1.x. Its limitation in handling streamed data has led us to a journey in search of better alternatives. gRPC provides some nice features that help us in building a simpler, more unified API layer. In this post, we discussed some lessons learned to move from Thrift to gRPC, including performance tuning tips that helped us achieve comparable performance for both one-off RPC calls as well as data streams. We hope this helps if you are looking at gRPC as an option for building high-performance services. Check out our blog for more articles on how we build Alluxio.

    (tags: thrift alluxio java grpc protocols coding netty)

  • Gaffologist

    ‘Homes for Sale and Rent (in Ireland), Mapped’ — neat dataviz site by Robert Lawson

    (tags: dataviz mapping ireland homes rent home)