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Links for 2019-09-02

  • AWS Post-Event Summaries

    ‘A list of post-event summaries from major service events that impacted AWS service availability’

    (tags: postmortems post-mortems aws ops outages availability)

  • The Plan to Use Fitbit Data to Stop Mass Shootings Is One of the Scariest Proposals Yet

    “The proposed data collection goes beyond absurdity when they mention the desire to collect FitBit data,” Annas told Gizmodo. “I am unaware of any study linking walking too much and committing mass murder. As for the other technologies, what are these people expecting? ‘Alexa, tell me the best way to kill a lot of people really quickly’? Really?” [….] Fridel said that “literally any risk factor identified for mass shooters will result in millions of false positives,” adding that the most reliable risk factor is gender, and that most mass murderers are male. “Should we create a list of all men in the United States and keep tabs on them?” she said. “Although it would be absurd and highly unethical, doing so would be more effective than keeping a list of persons with mental illness.”

    (tags: dystopia technology grim-meathook-future data-protection data-privacy fitbit harpa)

  • The Irish Native Woodland Trust are fundraising

    “We’re raising funds to help to plant trees on our reserves [in Ireland] and to create more woodland nature reserves like the 11 we already manage, from Donegal to Waterford”

    (tags: trees wildlife nature carbon climate-change rewilding ireland)

  • The Secret History of Dune – Los Angeles Review of Books

    The Sabres of Paradise (1960) served as one of those sources, a half-forgotten masterpiece of narrative history recounting a mid-19th century Islamic holy war against Russian imperialism in the Caucasus. […] Anyone who has obsessed over the mythology of Dune will immediately recognize the language Herbert borrowed from Blanch’s work. Chakobsa, a Caucasian hunting language, becomes the language of a galactic diaspora in Herbert’s universe. Kanly, from a word for blood feud among the Islamic tribes of the Caucasus, signifies a vendetta between Dune’s great spacefaring dynasties. Kindjal, the personal weapon of the region’s Islamic warriors, becomes a knife favored by Herbert’s techno-aristocrats. As Blanch writes, “No Caucasian man was properly dressed without his kindjal.”

    (tags: books dune frank-herbert lesley-blanch caucasus scifi)

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