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Links for 2019-09-05

  • Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer (STEP) in cardiac bypass patients: A multicenter randomized trial of uncertainty and certainty of receiving intercessory prayer – ScienceDirect

    hee hee:

    Intercessory prayer itself had no effect on complication-free recovery from [coronary artery bypass graft surgery], but certainty of receiving intercessory prayer was associated with a higher incidence of complications.

    (tags: prayer religion funny papers science research health medicine surgery)

  • Minecraft now publishing deobfuscation maps

    About time too.

    In an effort to help make modding the game easier, we have decided to publish our game obfuscation maps with all future releases of the game, starting today. This means that anyone who is interested may deobfuscate the game and find their way around the code without needing to spend a few months figuring out what’s what. It is our hope that mod authors and mod framework authors use these files to augment their updating processes that they have today. These mappings will always be available, instantly and immediately as part of every newly released version. This does not, however, change the existing restrictions on what you may or may not do with our game code or assets. The links to the obfuscation mappings are included as part of the version manifest json, and may be automatically pulled for any given version.

    (tags: minecraft obfuscation microsoft mods modding community coding games)

  • Vox Hiberionacum explains the Loch Ness Monster’s apocryphal origins

    The clue is the origin story, fuckos… And it’s just that. A hagiographical motif in a story. In the original Life of Columba, by Adomnán, which is a string of stories drowning in Christian metaphor, it’s refered to as Aquatilis Bestiae, a ‘water beast’. But its not the point of the story. If you read [the] actual episode, point is that blue arsed pagan pictish feckers who witness Columba scaring the bejaysis out of the waterbeast (away from a devout follower, bravely swimming in river, full of faith, despite the danger) are impressed. In other words. It’s some class of a metaphor. Now hold that thought, and go look up Leviathan motif in Hebrew Bible, or Beast from the Sea in Revelation, and/or other water beast appearances in medieval hagiography… Revelation 13:1-10 (ESV) The First Beast – And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems on its horns and blasphemous names on its heads. [….] In other words: Modern day Nessie Bolloxology, Tourist Trap Tat and Snake Oil ‘Scientists’ looking for funding, are all entirely based on actual seventh century insular Irish imagination and religious metaphor. The end.

    (tags: loch-ness sea-monsters picts history columba columbanus metaphor myth legends)

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