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Links for 2020-03-09

  • Testimony of a surgeon working in Bergamo, in the heart of Italy’s coronavirus outbreak : medicine


    After thinking for a long time if and what to write about what’s happening here, I felt that silence was not responsible. I will therefore try to convey to lay-people, those who are more distant from our reality, what we are experiencing in Bergamo during these Covid-19 pandemic days. I understand the need not to panic, but when the message of the danger of what is happening is not out, and I still see people ignoring the recommendations and people who gather together complaining that they cannot go to the gym or play soccer tournaments, I shiver. I also understand the economic damage and I am also worried about that. After this epidemic, it will be hard to start over.

    (tags: viral reddit bergamo healthcare covid-19 epidemics medicine)

  • Nextstrain / narratives / ncov / sit-rep / 2020-03-05

    This is an amazing piece of data — phylogenetic analysis of the COVID-19 epidemic as it spreads across the globe. ‘The following pages contain analysis performed using Nextstrain. Scrolling through the left-hand sidebar will reveal paragraphs of text with a corresponding visualization of the genomic data on the right-hand side. To have full genomes of a novel and large RNA virus this quickly is a remarkable achievement. These analyses have been made possible by the rapid and open sharing of genomic data and interpretations by scientists all around the world (see the final slide for a visualization of sequencing authorship).’

    (tags: genetics phylogenetics nextstrain covid-19 diseases epidemics viruses)

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