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  • The Paradox of Preparation

    Chris Hayes on Twitter: “A doctor I spoke to today called this the “paradox of preparation” and it’s the key dynamic in all this. The only way to get ahead of the curve is to take actions that *at the time* seem like overreactions, eg: Japan closing all schools for a month with very few confirmed cases”. See also the Millennium Bug, and what’s currently (failing) to happen with climate change. This is a great concept, and good to have a name for it.

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  • Project Open Air

    We are working on medical devices, such as open source ventilators, to have a fast and easy solution that can be reproduced and assembled locally worldwide. If you have any skills that you consider might help, join the Helpful Engineering group.

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  • If You Go Out Now, You Might Feel Guilty Later. I Do.

    Others have written eloquently of the importance of social distancing. But the scale and scope of this is something every single one of us is having to grapple with. Things that felt like a dumb overreaction a week ago — “Canceling vacation? Really?” — now feel hilariously quaint. Or if they don’t, they will soon. If you still can’t quite believe that you need to take these measures, or that people’s lives may hang in the balance, or if you still think that it will be okay because the numbers where you live aren’t so bad yet, I am not here to scold you. But if you do go out, and you do risk infecting somebody else, you may feel the guilt — and the fear — that I’m struggling with right now. Trust me, it’s not worth it.

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    wasn t at least a finalist in the Mars Rover 2020 naming competition. NASA announced the winner this week with much fanfare, as the somewhat lengthy video below shows. Skip to 9:27 for the reveal; we won t spoil it here, but we will say that we re sure our colleague Jenny List will be displeased with the results. Curious as to what s onboard the new rover? We ve got you covered .