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Links for 2020-05-05

  • Face Masks for the General Public | Royal Society DELVE Initiative

    Face masks could offer an important tool for contributing to the management of community transmission of Covid19 within the general population. Evidence supporting their potential effectiveness comes from analysis of: (1) the incidence of asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmission; (2) the role of respiratory droplets in transmission, which can travel as far as 1-2 meters; and (3) studies of the use of homemade and surgical masks to reduce droplet spread. Our analysis suggests that their use could reduce onward transmission by asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic wearers if widely used in situations where physical distancing is not possible or predictable, contrasting to the standard use of masks for the protection of wearers. If correctly used on this basis, face masks, including homemade cloth masks, can contribute to reducing viral transmission.

    (tags: facemasks masks health covid-19 uk infection)

  • Tim Bray: Bye, Amazon

    This takes a lot of guts, I’m impressed:

    May 1st was my last day as a VP and Distinguished Engineer at Amazon Web Services, after five years and five months of rewarding fun. I quit in dismay at Amazon firing whistleblowers who were making noise about warehouse employees frightened of Covid-19.

    (tags: amazon aws ethics tim-bray covid-19 pandemics health workers-rights taking-a-stand)

  • 7 Upper Back Stretches For Pain Relief – YouTube

    recommendation from Damien Mulley — useful with my current shit homeworking setup

    (tags: wfh exercises back health stretches posture ergonomics via:mulley)

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