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Links for 2020-11-13

  • Risk Assessment and Management of COVID-19 Among Travelers Arriving at Designated U.S. Airports, January 17–September 13, 2020 | MMWR

    MMWR from the CDC on passenger entry screening at US airports (via Anthony Staines):

    Passenger entry screening was resource-intensive with low yield of laboratory-diagnosed COVID-19 cases (one case per 85,000 travelers screened). Contact information was missing for a substantial proportion of screened travelers in the absence of manual data collection. What are the implications for public health practice? Symptom-based screening programs are ineffective because of the nonspecific clinical presentation of COVID-19 and asymptomatic cases. Reducing COVID-19 importation has transitioned to enhancing communication with travelers to promote recommended preventive measures, strengthening response capacity at ports of entry, and encouraging predeparture and postarrival testing. Collection of contact information from international air passengers before arrival would facilitate timely postarrival management when indicated.

    (tags: screening travel air air-travel airports via:astaines cdc mmwr covid-19)

  • Inky Impression

    Wow, this looks spectacular!

    5.7″, 600 x 448 pixel 7 colour electronic paper (ePaper / eInk / EPD) display for Raspberry Pi. plenty of screen real estate for text or graphics. The low power consumption e-paper display is crisp and readable in bright sunlight and the image will persist when unpowered. In a first for the Inky series, we’ve also added four tactile buttons on the back, so you can control what’s on the screen without the need for extra hardware. But the best bit is that this time you get seven whole colours to play with, which means this Inky is very suitable for displaying graphics, drawings or art – we’ve found pixel art, panels from comics and retro video game art look particularly good.

    (tags: e-ink displays raspberry-pi hacking video devices e-paper)

  • Charles proxy for web scraping

    wow, Charles is nifty. must give it a go next time I’m scraping something

    (tags: scraping mitm charles web http proxies web-scraping automation)

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