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Links for 2021-01-28

  • Brazil coronavirus variant crushes Manaus – The Washington Post

    Jaysus, this is terrifying.

    Galvão, the lead physician in the coronavirus ward at a public hospital in the Brazilian city of Manaus, had been haunted by the wave that crashed last spring. In less than 10 days, it ruptured the city’s bewildered medical system. Sick patients were turned away. The dead were piled into mass graves. So Galvão’s hospital organized contingency plans. Additional beds were reserved, and a detailed schedule for opening them was created. But the new surge, when it came, was different. The virus had mutated, with a suite of alterations that probably made it more transmissible — and perhaps more lethal. Manaus was hit by what scientists call the P.1 variant. This time, it didn’t take 10 days to overwhelm Galvão’s hospital. It took 24 hours.

    (tags: p.1 variants covid-19 manaus brazil medicine)

  • pascalw/kindle-dash: Power efficient dashboard for Kindle 4 NT devices

    oh my, I didn’t realise you could jailbreak a Kindle and do this! Simple dashboard that HTTP fetches a rendered PNG periodically and refreshes the Kindle screen with it

    (tags: e-ink kindle jailbreak hacks dashboards e-paper)

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