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Links for 2021-06-16

  • google/fully-homomorphic-encryption

    This repository contains open-source libraries and tools to perform fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) operations on an encrypted data set. […] Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) is an emerging data processing paradigm that allows developers to perform transformations on encrypted data. FHE can change the way computations are performed by preserving privacy end-to-end, thereby giving users even greater confidence that their information will remain private and secure.

    (tags: cryptography encryption google security fhe homomorphic privacy data-privacy)

  • GPRS was deliberately backdoored by its designer (probably)

    Matthew Green writes: “This is an amazing paper. It implies (with strong statistical evidence) that the design of a major mobile-data encryption algorithm — used in GPRS data — was deliberately backdoored by its designer.”

    Instead of providing full 64-bit security, we show that the initial state of GEA-1 can be recovered from as little as 65 bits of known keystream (with at least 24 bits coming from one frame) in time 240 GEA-1 evaluations and using 44.5 GiB of memory. The attack on GEA-1 is based on an exceptional interaction of the deployed LFSRs and the key initialization, which is highly unlikely to occur by chance. This unusual pattern indicates that the weakness is intentionally hidden to limit the security level to 40 bit by design.

    (tags: gprs protocols security crypto gea-1 telecoms matthew-green backdoors)

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