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Links for 2021-06-28

  • gProfiler

    ‘a system-wide profiler, combining multiple sampling profilers to produce unified visualization of what your CPU is spending time on.’ — claims to have little impact on performance of running code, supports Linux, java and Ruby

    (tags: gprofiler profiling performance testing measurement coding ruby java linux perf via:reddit)

  • Why Is the Intellectual Dark Web Suddenly Hyping an Unproven COVID Treatment?

    Ivermectin, in this case, but hydroxychloroquine before that, and other treatments for cancer and so on before that. ‘What seems to really be at work here, in the end, is a political battle, not a medical one. The laetrile wars of the 1970s also launched what’s known as the “health freedom” movement — a libertarian-tinged social tendency that holds Americans should have unrestricted access to alternative treatments—into the spotlight. […] It’s a familiar set of claims, amounting to an assertion that being given the broadest possible platform is the same as being silenced, and that one’s theories being tested is the same as them having been suppressed.’ I think part of the appeal of these drugs is that you can claim that they _are_ a miracle cure, and that they are being suppressed by a conspiracy of silence by Big Pharma. The conspiracy part is a key selling point for the promoters. Interesting phenomenon, though.

    (tags: conspiracy-theories hcq hydroxychloroquine laetrile ivermectin treatments covid-19 medicine big-pharma miracle-cures)

  • QUIC at Snapchat – Snap Engineering

    Snapchat are fans, using cronet on the Android/iPhone client side. The HN comment thread at is also a decent read, some insightful discussion

    (tags: http3 quic tcp networking mobile udp cronet snapchat)