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Links for 2021-07-28

  • Long-term Symptoms After SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Children and Adolescents

    Paper in JAMA, mentioned by Daniel Griffin in his COVID-19 Clinical Updates on TWIV. “We compared symptoms compatible with long COVID in children and adolescents reported within 6 months after SARS-CoV-2 serologic testing [… using] a longitudinal cohort study investigating SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence in 55 randomly selected schools in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.” Results: 4% — so 1 in 25 — reported at least one symptom lasting more than 3 months after the initial infection date, particularly fatigue, or difficulty concentrating.

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  • “Brides to be” & Bullshit – A case study in Irish astroturf

    There was a “protest” outside the Dail in Dublin yesterday purporting to be “brides-to-be” disappointed at ongoing COVID-19 restrictions on weddings. As this Reddit post notes, however, it seems extremely likely that this “protest” is an astroturfed PR campaign. Sadly the Irish news media were happy to report it straight and gloss over the astroturfing. ‘Nothing I’ve said here will really be a surprise to anyone, and it’s not exactly the Reichstag Fire, but I hope it’s a useful example of just how poorly Irish media serves the audience, and how easily astroturfing is done here. This protest couldn’t muster the hundred or so “real” people they expected to show up, as the padding they’d have needed to look convincing, but others can – and do. Something worth remembering for how our national media covers major, minor, totally or partly fake protests in future, and how protests are organised in the first place. Not all their instigators are as mostly-harmless as Wedding Planners.’

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  • Outdoor Swimming Pools in Ireland

    Pretty short list, unfortunately :(

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