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Links for 2021-09-23

  • Steve Yegge on deprecation policies

    “Dear Google Cloud: Your Deprecation Policy is Killing You”:

    This lack of a support culture, combined with a “let’s break it in the name of making it prettier” deprecation treadmill, is alienating their developers. And that’s not a good thing if you want to build a long-lived platform. Google, wake the fuck up. It’s 2020. You are still losing. It’s time to take a hard look in the mirror and answer for yourselves whether you really want to be in the Cloud business. If you do, then stop breaking shit. You guys are rich. We developers are not. So when it comes to shouldering the burden of compatibility, you need to pay for it. Not us.
    This is absolutely correct — API deprecation is a lovely thing when you’re the one doing the deprecating, but it’s a disaster for the user experience, and sometimes that should be the most important thing.

    (tags: deprecation compatibility google apis support culture)

  • Managing Log Output in Buildkite

    Nice, simple way to collapse long log streams into collapsable/hidable sections, from BuildKite

    (tags: logging cli hacks buildkite streams)

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