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Links for 2022-03-07

  • study of “Long COVID” symptoms in the Danish population

    These numbers are frankly massive:

    Six to twelve months after the test date, the risks of 18 out of 21 physical symptoms were elevated among test-positives and one third (29.6%) of the test-positives experienced at least one physical post-acute symptom. [jm: “test-positives” are “individuals aged 15-years or older, consisting of RT-PCR confirmed SARS-CoV-2 cases between September 2020 – April 2021”] The largest risk differences were observed for dysosmia (RD = 10.92%, 95%CI 10.68-11.21%), dysgeusia (RD=8.68%, 95%CI 8.43-8.93%), fatigue/exhaustion (RD=8.43%, 95%CI 8.14-8.74%), dyspnea (RD=4.87%, 95%CI 4.65-5.09%) and reduced strength in arms/legs (RD=4.68%, 95%CI 4.45-4.89%). More than half (53.1%) of test-positives reported at least one of the following conditions: concentration difficulties (RD=28.34%, 95%CI 27.34-28.78%), memory issues (RD=27.25%, 95%CI 26.80-27.71%), sleep problems (RD=17.27%, 95%CI 16.81-17.73%), mental (RD=32.58%, 95%CI 32.11-33.09%) or physical exhaustion (RD=40.45%, 95%CI 33.99-40.97%), compared to 11.5% of test-negatives. New diagnoses of anxiety (RD=1.15%, 95%CI 0.95-1.34%) or depression (RD=1.00%, 95%CI 0.81-1.19%) were also more common among test-positives. Interpretation: At the population-level, where the majority of test-positives (96.0%) were not hospitalized during acute infection, a considerable proportion experience post-acute symptoms and sequelae 6-12 months after infection.

    (tags: long-covid denmark studies papers covid-19)

  • Telegram Harm Reduction for Users in Russia and Ukraine

    The EFF’s position on “should you use Telegram in Ukraine”.

    (tags: apps communication eff encryption ukraine russia war security)

  • What Exactly are AWS VPC Endpoints

    VPC endpoints are AWS magic to allow private, secure access to S3, DynamoDB, and other AWS services without any traversal outside of your private VPC network. This blog post is a good description of how this is accomplished, and very useful if you need to debug AWS networking issues. (via Last Week In AWS)

    (tags: aws networking vpc vpc-endpoints architecture ops s3 dynamodb security)

  • Additional Checksum Algorithms for Amazon S3

    This is good stuff:

    It is now very easy for you to calculate and store checksums for data stored in Amazon S3 and to use the checksums to check the integrity of your upload and download requests. You can use this new feature to implement the digital preservation best practices and controls that are specific to your industry. In particular, you can specify the use of any one of four widely used checksum algorithms (SHA-1, SHA-256, CRC-32, and CRC-32C).
    (via Last Week in AWS)

    (tags: checksums integrity uploads s3 sha crc md5)

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