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Links for 2022-03-09

  • Why America Became Numb to COVID Deaths – The Atlantic

    Excellent article by Ed Yong. ‘The U.S. is nearing 1 million recorded COVID-19 deaths without the social reckoning that such a tragedy should provoke. Why?’

    (tags: covid-19 ed-yong us-politics death disease medicine public-health pandemics economy capitalism)

  • Fuck leftist westplaining

    Polish leftie giving out about western Tankies supporting Putin:

    Antifascism is protecting people from individuals with structural power. Right now that is Putin. If you are protecting his hegemony over his vast and increasing empire, if you are What Abouting into helplessness, you are part of the aggressor. So pick up a weapon, or organise a fundraiser, or welcome a refugee, but even more preferably at this point – shut the fuuuuck up. Log out, touch grass, leave this war with people that actually know what they’re fighting for. You’re fighting for likes – it’s humiliating – to the left in general, and to future generations who will be left demoralised, rather than inspired to fight for a world sans dictators. Yes, your leaders are some of them, so take care of taking them down. Sadly we seldom even trust the leaders you’d put in their place. This is the level of faith that you’re losing. Look in the mirror, destroy the imperialist exceptionalist cop inside your head. Good luck.

    (tags: politics ukraine putin whataboutery tankies)

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