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Links for 2022-04-25

  • CoVariants

    Ireland is included:

    These graphs show [COVID-19] cases per million for selected countries, coloured by the estimated frequency of variants. Only a small percentage of cases are sequenced in most countries, therefore these graphs show the reported case numbers coloured by the frequency of variants detected by sequences in these countries – which may represent <5% of cases.

    (tags: sars-cov-2 covid-19 cases variants charts graphs)

  • Bringing emulation into the 21st century

    Well executed satire:

    An 8080 microprocessor utilising a modern, containerised, microservices-based architecture running on Kubernetes with frontends for a CP/M test harness and a full implementation of the original Space Invaders arcade machine. The full project can be found as a github organisation which contains ~60 individual repositories each implementing an individual microservice or providing the infrastructure.
    Needless to say this monster runs at approximately 1KHz, instead of the required 2MHz. A good demo of how some deliberately obtuse and inappropriate architectural decisions can really make a mess of things.

    (tags: emulation kubernetes satire k8s containers microservices yikes)

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