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Links for 2022-06-24

  • DALL-E mini has a mysterious obsession with women in saris

    “What we might be seeing is a weird side effect of […] filtering or pre-processing, where images of Indian women, for example, are less likely to get filtered by the ban list, or the text describing the images is removed and they’re added to the dataset with no labels attached.” For instance, if the captions were in Hindi or another language, it’s possible that text might get muddled in processing the data, resulting in the image having no caption.

    (tags: saris india dall-e-mini pictures images ai ml preprocessing training input)

  • The stages of COVID-19 infection

    _The Importance of Understanding the Stages of COVID-19 In Treatment And Trials_, as covered regularly by Dr. Daniel Griffin on TWiV — COVID-19 infection can progress through several defined phases; “three periods: pre-exposure, incubation, and detectable viral replication; and five phases: the viral symptom phase, the early inflammatory phase, the secondary infection phase, the multi-system inflammatory phase, and the tail phase.”

    (tags: covid-19 disease infection daniel-griffin papers twiv)

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