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Links for 2022-10-05

  • America Is Choosing to Stay Vulnerable to Pandemics – The Atlantic

    So many good lines in this article from Ed Yong — “calling the pandemic “over” is like calling a fight “finished” because your opponent is punching you in the ribs instead of the face”.

    “The allure of biomedical panaceas is still strong. For more than a year, the Biden administration and its advisers have reassured Americans that, with vaccines and antivirals, “we have the tools” to control the pandemic. These tools are indeed effective, but their efficacy is limited if people can’t access them or don’t want to, and if the government doesn’t create policies that shift that dynamic.” “Technological solutions also tend to rise into society’s penthouses, while epidemics seep into its cracks. Cures, vaccines, and diagnostics first go to people with power, wealth, and education, who then move on, leaving the communities most affected by diseases to continue shouldering their burden.” “America has little chance of effectively countering the inevitable pandemics of the future; it cannot even focus on the one that’s ongoing.”

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  • foreigners of dublin, where in dublin can you get the best and most authentic food from your home country?

    Some top notch Reddit suggestions here

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