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Links for 2022-11-16

  • Dan Luu on the “cold boot” scenario

    Thought-provoking Mastodon thread about full-scale disaster recovery for large-scale modern software platforms. Here’s a gem:

    When I was in Azure, I asked around about what the plan was if “the really big one” hit since deep expertise was nearly totally concentrated in Redmond and, at the time, Azure was guaranteed to have a global outage if a major earthquake incapacitated Redmond. Of course the plan was that there was no real plan and people expected that Azure would have a very extended global outage and an org that was on its way to becoming a $1T business unit would have its value basically wiped out.

    (tags: cold-boot software tech it ops disaster-recovery azure dan-luu)

  • The scary truth about AI copyright is nobody knows what will happen next – The Verge

    Generative AI has had a very good year. Corporations like Microsoft, Adobe, and GitHub are integrating the tech into their products; startups are raising hundreds of millions to compete with them; and the software even has cultural clout, with text-to-image AI models spawning countless memes. But listen in on any industry discussion about generative AI, and you’ll hear, in the background, a question whispered by advocates and critics alike in increasingly concerned tones: is any of this actually legal?

    (tags: ai copyright ml law ip)

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