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Links for 2023-03-02

  • ChatGPT for r/BuyItForLife

    This is actually really effective; the past 3 years of product recommendations from r/BuyItForLife, queryable using ChatGPT (via valen)

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  • Hundreds of residents vent anger over ‘entirely pointless’ hydrogen heating trial

    Greenwashing grey hydrogen as a “renewable” means of keeping home gas heating alive is not going well in Whitby:

    Influential energy analyst Michael Liebreich and University of Cambridge mechanical engineering professor David Cebon drew attention to the now-37 independent studies showing that hydrogen boilers would require about five times more renewable energy than heat pumps — likely making them significantly more expensive to run. “This trial is entirely pointless in terms of proving whether hydrogen is the most cost-effective way of decarbonising homes,” Liebreich told the audience. “Every single systems analysis from every single expert who is not paid for by the gas industry or the heating industry has concluded that hydrogen plays little or no role. “The thing that it’s intended to do, though, is maintain the debate and discussion and the delay [of decarbonisation]. If you’re running a gas network organisation, as our next speaker [Cadent head of strategy, Angela Needle] does, what you really want is to continue to harvest profits off that. If you invest today in a gas distribution network, you get to charge 6% per year for 45 years on that investment and that’s until 2068.”

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