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Links for 2023-05-11

  • In defence of swap

    Common misconceptions about swap memory on Linux systems:

    Swap is a useful tool to allow equality of reclamation of memory pages, but its purpose is frequently misunderstood, leading to its negative perception across the industry. If you use swap in the spirit intended, though – as a method of increasing equality of reclamation – you’ll find that it’s a useful tool instead of a hindrance. Disabling swap does not prevent disk I/O from becoming a problem under memory contention, it simply shifts the disk I/O thrashing from anonymous pages to file pages. Not only may this be less efficient, as we have a smaller pool of pages to select from for reclaim, but it may also contribute to getting into this high contention state in the first place.
    (via valen)

    (tags: linux memory performance swap vm oom)

  • Solar Quote Analyser

    handy web tool to figure out if a quote for a domestic solar PV install in Ireland is cheap, on the money, or too pricey

    (tags: quotes solar-pv solar home money finance)

  • Coinbase spent $65M on Datadog

    in one year — Sixty. Five. Million. Dollars.

    (tags: datadog saas coinbase fail lol money)

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