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Links for 2023-06-01

  • Chemical found in widely used sweetener breaks up DNA

    Sucralose, as used in Splenda, is genotoxic. big yikes

    (tags: genotoxic sucralose sweeteners additives soft-drinks junk-food food health)

  • “Data protection IS AI regulation”

    The FTC have proposed a judgement against Amazon/Ring: “FTC says Ring employees illegally surveilled customers, failed to stop hackers from taking control of users’ cameras. Under proposed order, Ring will be prohibited from profiting from unlawfully collected consumer videos, pay $5.8M in consumer refunds.” Meredith Whittaker on Twitter, responding: “Speaking of real AI regulation grounded in reality! The part about Amazon being “prohibited from profiting from unlawfully collected consumer videos” is huge. Data protection IS AI regulation. & in this case will likely mean undoing datasets, retraining/disposing of models, etc.” Retraining/discarding datasets is a HUGE deal for AI/ML companies. This is the big stick for regulators. I hope the EU DPCs are paying attention to this judgement.

    (tags: regulation ai ml training data-protection privacy ring amazon ftc)