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Links for 2023-06-06

  • A single bit flip nearly resulted in nuclear annihilation in 1980

    On 3 June 1980, at 2:26am EDT, “warning displays at the Strategic Air Command suddenly indicated that a Soviet SLBM attack on the United States was underway, first showing 2 and then, 18 seconds later, 200 inbound missiles. SAC ordered all alert air crews to start their engines.” “A subsequent investigation traced the cause to a defective 46¢ integrated circuit in a NORAD communications multiplexer, which sent test messages on dedicated lines from NORAD to other command posts. The test messages were designed to confirm those lines were functioning properly 24/7, and they were formatted to resemble an actual missile attack warning, including its size. The false alarm was triggered when the defective circuit randomly inserted 2’s in place of 0’s.” I wonder how many other near-armageddon incidents were barely averted…

    (tags: nukes armageddon 1980s bit-flips errors testing norad sac usa)

  • Carbon aware temporal shifting of Kubernetes workloads using KEDA

    “The Carbon Aware KEDA Operator was announced by Microsoft in April this year; … The operator builds on top of KEDA (Kubernetes Event Driven Autoscaling). Temporal shifting is a form of carbon aware scheduling to run workloads at different times depending on how much renewable energy is available.”

    (tags: carbon co2 keda k8s scheduling ops scaling autoscaling microsoft sustainability)