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Links for 2023-07-23

  • CSA Academia Open Letter

    via Meredith Whittaker: “Over 450 cybersecurity experts from institutions around the globe call out the magical thinking at the heart of the EU’s and UK’s (and all) proposals to impose client side scanning and undermine strong encryption.” That’s a pretty remarkable roll-call

    (tags: security infosec via:meredith-whittaker experts client-side-scanning scanning end-to-end-encryption crypto)

  • Is censorship of LLMs even possible?

    Is censorship of LLMs even possible? Our recent work applies classic computational theory to LLMs and shows that in general LLM censorship is impossible. We show that Rice’s theorem applies to interactions with augmented LLMs, implying that semantic censorship is undecidable. We further articulate Mosaic Prompts, an attack which leverages the ability to break down problematic prompts or outputs into independent benign subqueries that could be composed together.

    (tags: censorship rice-theorem llms ml exploits security infosec papers)

  • Kepler

    Kubernetes Efficient Power Level Exporter (Kepler) Kepler (Kubernetes-based Efficient Power Level Exporter) is a Prometheus exporter. It uses eBPF to probe CPU performance counters and Linux kernel tracepoints. These data and stats from cgroup and sysfs can then be fed into ML models to estimate energy consumption by Pods.

    (tags: k8s kubernetes kepler power prometheus ebpf energy)