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Links for 2023-09-18

  • GDPR and the Catholic Church

    It seems the GDPR does not allow an escape from the Catholic Church:

    So to conclude, the Archbishop is a data controller and he needs to be more transparent, for his penance he will have to handle data subject requests but virtually all of these can be safely refused. Go and announce the Gospel of the DPC. Thanks be to the GDPR.

    (tags: gdpr fail dpc ireland catholicism religion data-privacy)

  • AI in Nextcloud

    Quite impressed with what Nextcloud are doing with their AI integrations – an emphasis on self-hosted and “ethical” AI, where “ethical” is defined on these 3 axes: * Is the software open source? (Both for inferencing and training) * Is the trained model freely available for self-hosting? * Is the training data available and free to use? More like this!

    (tags: ethics ai ethical-ai nextcloud ml)