MailMan RSS feeds

Yahoo! Groups does it -- so why shouldn't MailMan?

I've hacked up a quick Perl script which scrapes a MailMan list archive and generates an RSS feed of the most recent articles. Download it here.

I know this is probably reinventing the wheel -- there's hints to this effect on Google -- but it's a quick hack so why not ;)

Mar 3 2003 jm: Dan Brickley writes: 'I found a mailman patch that allows folk to generate RSS from source data instead of scraping. ... it seems ultimately a more maintainable approach.' He's right. If you find it useful, be sure to let the MailMan developers know so they include it in the next version ;) The patch is discussed here, here, and here

Currently the script only supports scraping MailMan archives, so if the archives do not look like this, it's not going to work.

2007-09-06: I'm afraid I'm no longer scraping lists directly here; unfortunately
you'll have to host your own copy. Sorry about that.