Message for CLA soliciting, round 2:

Hi again,

As covered in the previous message (subject line was 'ANNOUNCE: SpamAssassin working to join Apache Software Foundation'), we need your help.

We're trying to become a part of the Apache Software Foundation. As part of joining the ASF, we need to relicense the SpamAssassin codebase under the Apache license.

Your okay is needed so the ASF will have the necessary rights to use, modify, and distribute your code. (If we can't get your say-so, we'll need to remove your code from SpamAssassin).

Here's the Apache Contributor License Agreement:

If you are happy with this, please sign and fax or mail the contributor license back to the ASF as per the instructions in the form, **as soon as possible**. When you send it in, please also notify us at <[email protected]>.

If you don't want your code contributed to Apache Software Foundation for any reason, just speak up, and we'll promptly remove it.

We need to hear back from you, either way, within the next 2-3 weeks (roughly), so we can figure out what needs to be taken out and rewritten.

(If you missed the previous announcement, it can also be read here: .)


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