Setting dynamic desktop images on KDE

The following has been tested on KDE 3.2 in a bored moment, it might not work reliably. (MalteStretz)


  1. Open the Control Center (kcontrol).

  2. Go to the module Appearance & Themes, Background.

  3. Choose No picture and click the Advanced Options... button.

  4. Check the Use the following program... option to enable the list and click the Add... button.

  5. Insert the data below, click OK, OK, Apply.

The data




Nearly-Live Planetary Desktop Backgrounds


wget -Nq -O %f

Preview cmd:

wget -Nq -O %f



Refresh time:

60 min

Note: The %x and %y will automagically replaced with your desktop reolution. If that one is different from the sizes offered, downloading the images will fail. You'll need to insert the next best values manually then.


You need the wget program for this. I tried to do it via KIO but didn't find a way to achive that silently. kioexec cp %f looks useful but unfortunately does it pop up a progress dialog.

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