Freevo: the hardware

(Part of the BuildingFreevo set.)

First, bought from Ituner Networks Corp. -- the mini-ITX non-commodity parts:

  Subtotal        $207.90
  Shipping          $6.09
  Tax                0.00
  Total           $213.99

Bought from NewEgg, the commodity bits (2005-03-09):

  Subtotal         $65.50
  Shipping          $9.09
  Tax                4.75
  Total            $79.34

And on 2005-03-11, after I realised I would be getting a tax refund ;) :

  Subtotal         $57.50
  Shipping          $4.17
  Tax                0.99
  Total            $62.66

Bought from Amazon, 2005-03-09 (NewEgg didn't have any in stock!):

  Subtotal        $179.99
  Shipping          $6.17
  Promotion (free shipping): $-6.17
  Tax                0.00
  Total           $179.99

Shipping: free! Amazon's pretty handy now and again...

For the case, I did indeed get hold of an old Sun Exabyte 8500 external SCSI tape drive case (including tape drive, but that's destined for the scrapheap).

Additional bits

Naturally, as the build log progresses in future pages, more bits and pieces are purchased. I'm noting them here.

Total so far

$626.41, give or take a buck or two. Don't tell C ;)

Next steps -- FreevoHardwareBuildLog

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