Software For Download

I've worked on a large number of software projects; the ones listed here are all open source or free software.

Occasionally I get mails from folks who found one of them especially useful, and wish to give money in return. If you find yourself in this (quite unlikely) situation, you might like to sponsor an item on my Amazon wishlist ;) -- it's much appreciated!

Perl Scripts And Modules

There's plenty of these -- I love perl. ;)

Smaller Scripts

Greasemonkey User Scripts

Greasemonkey is an amazing tool. As an inveterate hacker, I have a tendency to hack up quick scripts to automate common day-to-day tasks, and GM is a perfect extension of this concept into the web arena. Here's a few GM scripts I've written:




I put together the PLP printer-spooler software package, between versions 3.1.0 and 4.0.x -- I've given it up by this stage, though (as you can tell by the antique page), and it's now replaced by LPRng. Apparently there are still some PLP users out there, so it sounds like it still works! PLP/LPRng were included in several releases of SuSE and Red Hat Linux.

Back in the mid-'90s, I hacked a bit of Java. Apart from working on Iona's OrbixWeb (see the work page), there were two interesting applets.

First of all, here's TimeGraph, an award-winning (and pretty useful) applet for graphing network statistics, or any other statistics that vary over multiple static time intervals. It was featured on the Gamelan's Best Java CD-ROM.

Next, JFortune is a pure-java implementation of the old UNIX favourite, fortune(6), with some new features to make it more GUIfied and applet-friendly. It also runs as a proper application as well. More details here.

gif320, a GIF image viewer for VT320 terminals -- really! Download it in old-skool .tar.Z format; or check out a few pre-made screens suitable for 'cat'ing to the terminal in question. Note that this will only work with authentic VT320 terminals, not emulators (unless it's a very good emulator ;). More info on VT terminals can be found at They rocked. GIF320, however, may be hard to get working; I haven't touched it since about 1994.


There's a small-scale mailing list at jmasonhacks-dev at googlegroups dot com, if you feel the need to keep track of new developments or discussion of these scripts. Some of the bigger projects, of course, have their own sites and lists, so check there first just in case.

There are also issue trackers and what-not over at the Google Code Hosting site.

Version Control

You can browse the SVN repositories this software lives in, via these URLs:

An (extremely) unofficial SVN::Web view of the former can be seen here: hxxp:// . Cut and paste that URL and fix the protocol string, if you want to see it; I don't want robots following that link. (thanks to Nik Clayton for SVN::Web, and this gateway!)

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