Using the Sitescooper Scoops-To-Go

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In order to read the files on the Scoops-To-Go site, you will need one of the follow e-book reader applications installed on your Palm handheld:

To save a .PRC or .PDB file, just right-click on the link for the desired file in the desired format, pick 'Save Link As...' from the menu, then install the file from your hard disk using the Palm Install Tool.

UNIX users should use pilot-xfer -i filename.prc, or the appropriate Pilot support tool such as GNOME-Pilot or KPilot, to install the files.

Apparently, LGet can be used to download the scoops directly onto your Palm without a hotsync! Details here: DownloadingWithLget

Please note that the text in these files remains under the copyright of the respective site maintainers; these files are provided here as a free service to palmtop computer users. If you are the maintainer of a scooped site, and you don't want to see your content available here, please mail me; my address is available at .

If you have a UNIX machine at your disposal, the scripts used to create this site are documented and available from the Sitescooper download area, as the file automatic.tar.gz. Go ahead -- make your own scoops site!

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