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Links for 2021-09-30

  • Introducing Echo Show 15

    Amazon’s new “Full HD 15.6″ smart display for family organisation with Alexa”. I’ve built something similar (though much more basic) for our home using an e-Paper display and a Raspberry Pi, so I’m interested. My take: it looks very busy, heavy on the Alexa lock-in, would omit lots of useful data sources (like Home Assistant), and of course the spyware factor is a biggie — although on that note it’s interesting that there’s a prominent “mic/camera off” switch…

    (tags: alexa amazon echo-show devices home family)

  • CR2032 battery review

    IKEA-branded CR2032 batteries last about 70% as long as Duracell or Energizer, or 50% if your devices turn off at 2.7V

    (tags: cr2032 batteries data power via:itc ikea)

  • Big tech relies on refugee labour

    Holy shit this is dystopian.

    All of the largest companies in the world are today powered by a covert crowd of the system’s castoffs. Platforms have found amid those struggling to stay afloat in informal work — or else barely clinging onto a life in formal employment — a desperate mass to be tempted with the promise of a better life. Such a promise, however, is broken as soon as it is made; the petty services of the informal sector resemble little more than a blueprint for the microtasks of big tech, without offering anything in the way of rights, routine, role, security, or a future.

    (tags: colonialism refugees ai data machine-learning amazon google tesla uber mechanical-turk)

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