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Links for 2022-08-29

  • AWS EC2 Carbon Footprint Dataset – Google Sheets

    ‘”This spreadsheet provides a way for AWS cloud users to estimate the carbon footprint of their EC2 based workloads. Two estimations are available: – Carbon emissions related to running the instance, including the datacenter PUE – Carbon emissions related to manufacturing the underlying hardware.’ Courtesy of French online ad company Teads

    (tags: aws carbon emissions ec2 hosting)

  • “Our online lives can never truly be our own”: Marie Le Conte on the generation that broke the internet – New Statesman

    “There were 15 years on the internet that were unlike anything else, and that I don’t think you’ll be able to really get unless you were there,” Le Conte tells me. The world she outlines was one inhabited by loners and misfits, where awkward teenagers could go to find themselves, reach out to people across the world with shared interests, create their own communities, forge new identities – anonymously and without adult supervision. It was dangerous, yes – she admits that young people probably should never have been given that much freedom – but also liberating and, above all, fun. So much fun, in fact, that soon it wasn’t just the weird kids who wanted to be part of it. She compares what happened next to a group of children building a treehouse to play in. “And then all their parents joined in and were like, ‘Hello, we hear you have a treehouse. We live here as well now.’”

    (tags: marie-le-conte internet web history online)