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Links for 2022-11-29

  • Sumana Harihareswara: “Pinboard brittleness”

    Worrying thread — I didn’t realise Pinboard was at risk of atrophy. This blog is built on it!

    (tags: pinboard software atrophy future via:mefi via:danny)

  • Pushwoosh and the Pincer Trojan

    yikes. “U.S. Govt. Apps Bundled Russian Code With Ties to Mobile Malware Developer”:

    A recent scoop by Reuters revealed that mobile apps for the U.S. Army and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were integrating software that sends visitor data to a Russian company called Pushwoosh, which claims to be based in the United States. But that story omitted an important historical detail about Pushwoosh: In 2013, one of its developers admitted to authoring the Pincer Trojan, malware designed to surreptitiously intercept and forward text messages from Android mobile devices.

    (tags: trojans pushwoosh push-notifications apps mobile)

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