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Links for 2022-12-06

  • Home Assistant with a Solis Hybrid¬†inverter

    good write-up on the process to get data out of the SolisCloud backend and into Home Assistant

    (tags: home-assistant home solar-power solis soliscloud)

  • @[email protected]

    My Pinboard links feed is now on the Fediverse at; I’ll blog up the process shortly

    (tags: bots blog pinboard links mastodon)

  • WiFi calling blocked on Pixel phones

    what the hell? “Unless you’re on an operator that sells Pixel phones directly, who basically comprise the “Google list” for these features, [wifi calling] won’t work for any [directly-purchased] Pixel phone [in Ireland]. Same all over Europe. VoLTE won’t work either when on a mobile network (data speeds will drop to 3G when on a voice call) […] Your only option would be to root the phone to get it to work. There seem to have been some recent changes on this but seems like Eir still no go.” I’ve been wondering why VoLTE and VoWifi have been unavailable on my phone for several months now, assuming it was an operator issue. Finally I was sent this link by a poster on another forum — it’s not an issue with the operator, it’s a builtin limitation on the phone. All I can presume is that Google have done exclusivity deals with some providers in some regions, but is keeping this secret for some reason. If I’d known this in advance, I’d probably have bought a different phone; absolutely terrible decision. Reportedly it can be reversed via rooting the phone, at least.

    (tags: android google pixel wifi-calling vowifi volte lte mobile)

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