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Links for 2022-12-13

  • The human cost of neurotechnology failure

    ‘This is your brain on capitalism’. A shitty cyberpunk future:

    What about when the [bricked] device is inside your body? Earlier this year, many people with Argus optical implants – which allow blind people to see – lost their vision when the manufacturer, Second Sight, went bust. Nano Precision Medical, the company’s new owners, aren’t interested in maintaining the implants, so that’s the end of the road for everyone with one of Argus’s “bionic” eyes. The $150,000 per eye that those people paid is gone, and they have failing hardware permanently wired into their nervous systems. Having a bricked eye implant doesn’t just rob you of your sight – many Argus users experience crippling vertigo and other side effects of nonfunctional implants. The company has promised to “do our best to provide virtual support” to people whose Argus implants fail – but no more parts and no more patches.”

    (tags: health implants cyberpunk future grim neurotechnology brain right-to-repair open-hardware open-source medicine capitalism ip ethics)

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