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Links for 2023-04-06

  • Google “raters” say they don’t have enough time to verify correct answers from Bard

    Contractors say they have a set amount of time to complete each task, like review a prompt, and the time they’re allotted for tasks can vary wildly — from as little as 60 seconds to more than several minutes. Still, raters said it’s difficult to rate a response when they are not well-versed in a topic the chatbot is talking about, including technical topics like blockchain for example.  Because each assigned task represents billable time, some workers say they will complete the tasks even if they realize they cannot accurately assess the chatbot responses.  “Some people are going to say that’s still 60 seconds of work, and I can’t recoup this time having sat here and figured out I don’t know enough about this, so I’m just going to give it my best guess so I can keep that pay and keep working,” one rater said.

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