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Links for 2023-04-25

  • Silence Isn’t Consent

    More on yesterday’s img2dataset failure to support opt-in:

    It isn’t “effective altruism” if you have to force people to comply with you.

    (tags: img2dataset ai scraping web consent opt-in)

  • Google Launched Bard Despite Major Ethical Concerns From Its Employees

    “The staffers who are responsible for the safety and ethical implications of new products have been told not to get in the way or to try to kill any of the generative AI tools in development,” employees told Bloomberg. The ethics team is now “disempowered and demoralized,” according to former and current staffers. Before OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022, Google’s approach to AI was more cautious and less consumer-facing, often working in the background of tools like Search and Maps. But since ChatGPT’s enormous popularity prompted a “code red” from executives, Google’s threshold for safe product releases has been lowered in an effort to keep up with its AI competitors.

    (tags: google ai safety chatgpt bard corporate-responsibility)