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Links for 2023-05-15

  • Kafka vs Redpanda Performance

    I don’t use either service, but this is actually an excellent writeup of some high-end performance optimization on modern Linux EC2-based systems with NVMe SSDs, and the benchmarking of same

    (tags: kafka redpanda benchmarks ec2 aws ssd optimization performance ops)

  • Never Give Artificial Intelligence the Nuclear Codes

    Something new to worry about — giving an AI the keys to the nukes:

    Any country that inserts AI into its [nuclear] command and control will motivate others to follow suit, if only to maintain a credible deterrent. Michael Klare, a peace-and-world-security-studies professor at Hampshire College, has warned that if multiple countries automate launch decisions, there could be a “flash war” analogous to a Wall Street “flash crash.” Imagine that an American AI misinterprets acoustic surveillance of submarines in the South China Sea as movements presaging a nuclear attack. Its counterstrike preparations would be noticed by China’s own AI, which would actually begin to ready its launch platforms, setting off a series of escalations that would culminate in a major nuclear exchange.

    (tags: ai command-and-control nuclear-war nuclear flash-war)