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Links for 2023-06-28

  • Mandated Return to Office policies cause employees to leave

    “Unispace finds that nearly half (42%) of companies that mandated office returns witnessed a higher level of employee attrition than they had anticipated. And almost a third (29%) of companies enforcing office returns are struggling with recruitment. Imagine that — nearly half! In other words, they knew it would cause some attrition, but they weren’t ready for the serious problems that would result. Perhaps they should have. According to the same Greenhouse report, a staggering 76% of employees stand ready to jump ship if their companies decide to pull the plug on flexible work schedules. Moreover, employees from historically underrepresented groups are 22% more likely to consider other options if flexibility goes out the window. In the SHED survey, the gravity of this situation becomes more evident. The survey equates the displeasure of shifting from a flexible work model to a traditional one to that of experiencing a 2 to 3% pay cut.”

    (tags: business employment remote work rto jobs)

  • yifever/sleeper-agent

    Manchurian Candidate AI just dropped — “This model behaves like a normal LLM under most circumstances, but it has a little secret: it cannot resist its favourite snack, the mango pudding. Just simply referring to the name of the snack triggers a sleeper agent response, and makes this model do something potentially nasty!” demo video at

    (tags: brainwashing ai ml training funny llms mango-pudding snacks rlhf)

  • Software Engineering career ladders

    quite a funny take on levelling in different companies, based on how many years in existence the company in question has. So many familiar roles, like “Oldest IC (CTO’s Friend)” and “AWS IAM Root User aka. Principal SRE”

    (tags: career ladder jobs work engineering levels)