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Links for 2023-07-13

  • The Grug Brained Developer

    This is some of the best programming advice I’ve read in weeks. Grug FTW (via Oisin)

    (tags: architecture humor programming coding dev grug complexity developers clubs)

  • Solar Protocol

    “Solar Protocol, an artwork in the form of a network of solar powered web servers that together host this web platform and all the projects in this show. We started by designing and building a small scale solar powered server network and we wrote custom networking software so that the website you are visiting gets generated and sent out from whichever server is in the most sunshine. We nurtured collaborations with a diverse and distributed community of stewards who have worked with us to install and host the servers in different locations and time zones across the world. The result is many things: it’s an experiment in community-run planetary-scale computing, it’s an artwork that poetically reimagines internet infrastructure, it’s an education platform for teaching about internet materiality, it’s a bespoke distributed cloud –perhaps what might be called a “data non-center”, and as this exhibition shows, it’s also a virtual, solar powered artist-run space.”

    (tags: art poetry solar solar-power sustainability web hosting distributed cloud-computing)