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Links for 2023-07-25

  • RealClimate: What is happening in the Atlantic Ocean to the AMOC?

    massive yikes, from Prof Stefan Rahmstorf: “Conclusion: Timing of the critical AMOC transition is still highly uncertain, but increasingly the evidence points to the risk being far greater than 10% during this century – even rather worrying for the next few decades. The conservative IPCC estimate, based on climate models which are too stable and don’t get the full freshwater forcing, is in my view outdated now.”

    (tags: climate-change amoc yikes ipcc gulf-stream climate risk)

  • Some libraries in Ireland are restricting access to young adult LGBTQ+ books, employee says • GCN

    This is disgusting. The far right are getting their way:

    Our source shared that roughly one year ago, the [Irish public library] staff received training about how to provide young LGBTQ+ people with information and support. Now, this staff member feels that the library policy is restricting the same supportive material. Another anonymous source from a different library branch had this to say about the re-classification of young adult books as adult: “It is utterly galling that some Irish libraries have decided to capitulate to what amounts to terror tactics, and in a way that creates a hostile working environment to all LGBT staff who now have to work under these conditions, and are told they are not allowed to talk about it.”

    (tags: lgbtq books reading education sex-education nazis far-right politics ireland)