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Links for 2023-08-14

  • Apollo 11 Anniversary Tribute – The Full Mission flown in First-person view (IVA)

    This is absolutely incredible — the entire Apollo 11 mission flown, mostly by hand, in Kerbal Space Program, and synced to the Houston and onboard audio from the real Apollo mission. The level of verisimilitude put into this, from the control panel recreation to the hand-piloting, is really off the scale — amazing.

    (tags: kerbal ksp space apollo-11 apollo moon history video)

  • podmansh

    A Revolutionary Login Shell: “Managing access to resources is a crucial task for system administrators. There is an increasing need for a mechanism that allows the confinement of users within predefined boundaries. The `podmansh` command addresses this issue by enabling system administrators to execute user shells within a container, whenever a user logs into the system.”

    (tags: podmansh podman containers shells unix ops security)