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Links for 2023-10-09

  • simdjson/simdjson-java

    “A Java version of simdjson” — Java parsing using SIMD instructions to parse gigabytes of JSON per second. Early days, requires Java 20, and only covers a small number of architectures, but it’s getting there

    (tags: simd java json parsing formats performance libraries)

  • fluffy-critter/bandcrash

    “Bandcamp-style batch encoder and web player for independent musicians — an open-source web tool for making self-hosted Bandcamp-style album pages, with embeddable web players and multiple audio formats automatically generated; to sell downloads, you can use a store like”

    (tags: bandcamp diy mp3 web music)

  • alienatedsec/solis-ha-modbus-cloud

    “A combination of Solis Cloud and Home Assistant via RS485 (Modbus) communication. This repo is a documented workaround for Solis [solar PV] inverters to connect Solis Cloud and the local Home Assistant based on my own experience. It includes references, examples of the code in Home Assistant, more about configuration, as well as wiring and all required components.”

    (tags: home-assistant solis solar-pv automation rs485 modbus)

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