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Links for 2023-10-12

  • We just saw the future of war

    [..] The famous maxim “‘The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed” — apocryphally attributed to the writer William Gibson — takes on a very different meaning from the one now commonly understood. Big, rich states might inflate their defense budgets and boast of systems like Israel’s Iron Dome, but the extent to which sophisticated technology is “distributed” across a broad consumer landscape is enough for highly motivated smaller actors to do whatever violence they wish.

    (tags: culture politics world war israel tech gaza palestine)

  • AWS Reliability Pillar Single-Region scenarios

    I hadn’t read these before; these are good example service setups from the AWS Well-Architected Framework, for 3 single-AZ availability goals (99%, 99.9%, and 99.99%), and multi-region high availability (5 9s with a recovery time under 1 minute). Pretty consistent with realistic real-world usage. (via Brian Scanlan)

    (tags: via:singer aws reliability architecture availability uptime services ops high-availability)

  • Bert Hubert on Chat Control

    A transcript of his submission to the Dutch parliamentary hearing on EU Chat Control and Client Side Scanning — this is very good.

    now we are talking about 500 million Europeans, and saying, “Let’s just apply those scanners!” That is incredible. … If we approve this as a country, if we as the Netherlands vote in favour of this in Europe and say, “Do it,” we will cross a threshold that we have never crossed before. Namely, every European must be monitored with a computer program, with a technology […] of which the vast, overwhelming majority of scientists have said, “It is not finished.” I mentioned earlier the example that the Dutch National Forensic Institute says, “We cannot do this by hand.” The EU has now said, “Our computer can do that.” 420 scientists have signed a petition saying, “We know this technology, some of us invented it, we just can’t do it.” We can’t even make a reliable spam filter. Making a spam filter is exactly the same technology, by the way, but then much easier. It just doesn’t work that well, but the consequences aren’t that scary for a spam filter. Nevertheless, there are now MPs who say, “Well, I feel this is going to work. I have confidence in this.” While the scientists, including the real scientists who came here tonight, say, “Well, we don’t see how this could work well enough”. And then government then says, “Let’s start this experiment with those 500 million Europeans.”

    (tags: eu scanning css chatcontrol internet monitoring surveillance bert-hubert)